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Steve Kidwell
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  2. Wavefront assisted refraction…
  3. Early Disease (Glaucoma & AMD) Detection using Optovue GCC analysis and Intelligent Retinal Mapping system…
  4. First ever mobile SD-OCT by Optovue…
  5. Optovue SD-OCT rental program with no up front investment…
  6. Medflow Complete EHR Cloud Services…
  7. Antioxidant Scanner – non insurance, revenue generating subspecialty…
  8. Low Cost Fully Automated Fundus Camera…
  9. Total Cornea Power and Tracking now available in Optovue Rtvue…

Revolution EHR

The Only Web-based Complete Practice Solution

As a professional, you're in the business of caring for your patients. You're not in the business of record keeping, accounting and maintaining complex IT systems. You didn't become an optometrist to spend your day fighting with computers and searching for paperwork.

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“We're different from all the other vendors. Our solution is online. It frees you and your staff to focus on patient care. At the heart of our system is the Electronic Health Record, the most fundamental element of your patient care.”

Most practice management and electronic health record solutions require that you invest in IT. Not only do you have to buy software, you have to buy new servers, storage, and backup. Then you have to pay someone to install the software and maintain the systems and network. With RevolutionEHR, all you need is a computer workstation with Internet access: You eliminate the expense and hassle of maintaining software, servers, databases, backups and extra hardware. Your data is secure with our servers and automatic data backups in our world class data center.

In our web-based solution, all features are included and every update is automated on our end. This gives you seamless & instant upgrades with no extra cost or effort on your part. You simply need a computer and Internet access. Retrieve your patient data while at home, traveling, or from any of your offices. The need for data synchronization between locations is eliminated.

Use the computer of your choice – Windows,Mac, Linux, or even a combination. Add locations, staff, workstations, patient records and data storage at no extra charge.


  1. Practice Management
  2. EHR centric
  3. Accounting
  4. Claims Submissions
  5. Product Catalog
  6. Scheduling
  7. Orders
  8. Inventory
  9. Patient Recall
  10. Task Management
  11. VSP integration
  12. VisionWeb integration
  1. Electronic Health Records
  2. Custom exam encounters
  3. Simple yet flexible data entry
  4. Simplified coding and billing
  5. Frames Data integration
  6. EyeDock integration
  7. FDA Medication Database
  8. Customized Care Plan Library
  9. Master problem list
  10. Documents and images management
  11. Accurate prescription creation
  12. Instant invoice creation no superbills
  13. EyeCodeRight auto-coding engine


The art of building a profitable optometry practice is the discipline of controlling your business expenses. Our simple fee structure enables you to grow your business easily and affordably.

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