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Steve Kidwell
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Defining the OCT Revolution

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Since its inception, Optovue has continued to innovate and push the boundaries of OCT technology. Introduced at the Academy of Ophthalmology in October, 2006, the RTVue® was the first FDA cleared SD-OCT device. Additional Optovue “firsts” include:

  1. the first SD-OCT normative database for glaucoma and retina
  2. the first SD-OCT device to offer both posterior and anterior segment analysis
  3. the first SD-OCT to offer GCC® Analysis
  4. the introduction of iVue®, the first portable SD-OCT device
  5. the launch of the iWellnessExam™ program, the first SD-OCT pay-per-use acquisition model

Optoview Corporate Headquarters

Optovue Inc. is a privately-held ophthalmic device company dedicated to working with eye care professionals and clinical researchers to lead the commercialization of new imaging modalities that improve diagnosis and therapy of ocular disease.

Cited as one of the fastest growing ophthalmic device companies in history, Optovue has achieved widespread market success through a combination of unique data analysis design, a reputation for excellent customer service, and rapid innovation of its technology in response to physician feedback. The company is headquartered in Fremont, CA, with operations in Carlsbad, CA and European operations in Dossenheim, Germany.

Established in December, 2003, Optovue was founded by pioneers of Optical Coherence Tomography to develop the next generation ophthalmic diagnostic instrument based on Spectral- Domain OCT technology. The ultra-high speed, high resolution SD-OCT provides physicians with advanced retina diagnostic capabilities which has significant benefit for patients who have retina conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and other macular diseases.


RTVue is an ultra-high speed, high resolution OCT retina scanner used for retinal imaging and analysis. The ultra-high speed and high resolution features enable the FD-OCT to visualize the retinal tissue with ultra-high clarity in a fraction of seconds. The founders of Optovue have hands on experience on the development of all three previous and current generations of ophthalmic OCT products. RTVue is designed with the goal to advance the retinal diagnosis for routine clinic use in mind.


In Fourier-Domain OCT, the information in an entire A-scan is acquired by a CCD camera simultaneously. The A-scan acquisition rate is only limited by the CCD camera frame transfer rate and the computer calculation time to perform the Fourier transform of the CCD acquired raw data into A-scan information. Due to the fast CCD camera frame transfer rate and fast Fourier transform algorithm, FD-OCT, like RTVue, can perform 26,000 A-scan/second. This is a 65 times speed advancement over current technology.



Portable – Powerful – Versatile The World's first Mobile OCT… The next wave of the revolution is here! The first advanced OCT for every clinical practice. The iVue is the next generation in advanced OCT product design and the first mobile OCT.

  1. 5 micron resolution
  2. 26,000 A-scans/sec
  3. Change & OU Analysis
  4. Ergonomic & Simple for fast workflow
  5. Convenient Scanner Head LCD Touchscreen
  6. “Live” video and en face image for targeting footswitch included

Optovue brings the diagnostic power of high-speed, high-resolution OCT technology to clinicians everywhere. Retina, Glaucoma and Cornea scans and report Spectral-Domain OCT in a compact package.


iWellness Exam
  1. Now Available – Perform HD OCT
    with NO Capital Investment!
  2. iWellness is available on a per click fee
  3. FREE on going service, software and marketing support
  4. Implementation specialist to oversee program
  5. Enhanced Retinal Wellness Exam

  1. For the Health of Your Patients
  2. Elevate your comprehensive eye exam
  3. Uncover pathology invisible to traditional opthalmoscopy
  4. Treat earlier for better outcomes
  5. Build trust through education
  1. For the Health of Your Practice
  2. Powerful, “easy-to-use” iVue® SD-OCT technology
  3. iWellnessExam™ *
  4. Medical Diagnostic exams
  5. FREE on-going service, software
    & marketing support
  6. * Supplement to comprehensive eye exam



Expanded Utility
Enhance clinical decisions, procedure planning, documentation, and follow patients from diagnosis through post-op.

Ability to scan patients in supine and various other positions.

Simple, easy-to-use articulating arm for multi-positional scanning.

Taking advantage of iVue’s portability, move your
SD-OCT easily between exam lane, procedure room
and satellite offices.

Advanced Cornea Capabilities

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