BioVision Technologies: Vision Diagnostics and Treatment Systems

Steve Kidwell
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Centervue: diagnostic systems for the early detection of sight-threatening pathologies

The DRS is the first fully automated non-mydriatic retinal camera, the DRS captures digital images of the central retina without pharmacological pupil dilation. Eye care providers use these images for screening of diabetic retinopathy.

The DRS allows for large-scale screening programs, which is key in the prevention of diabetes-induced vision impairments that can lead to blindness.

  1. Benefits of the DRS:
  2. Fully automated, requires minimal operator skill
  3. Affordable price point
  4. Fast routine procedure improves practice efficiency
  5. Intuitive, software-guided operation
  6. Compact design; portable device
  7. Web-connected: easy to transfer images to network and iPad for remote viewing

Centervue DRS

To see how this totally automated camera works please click this link:

     Centervue DRS Link

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